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The [Astronaut Collective] was formed to invoke a resurgence of global unity and collaborative participation by offering an extraordinary opportunity to send a select few citizens on a journey to the International Space Station (ISS). We aim to foster inclusivity, diversity, and a universal sense of belonging in the future of space exploration as a whole. 



In an unprecedented initiative, we present a celestial opportunity that transcends beyond the boundaries of privilege and exclusivity, manifesting a universal realm where aspirations of traversing the cosmos are no longer confined to a privileged few. The Astronaut Collective is a trailblazing project, meticulously crafted to open the ethereal gates of space to the global community, demolishing barriers, and nurturing a collective spirit of universal participation and representation.

B U S I N E S S  M O D E L

The lifeblood of this revolutionary venture is woven around a symbiotic paradigm involving two key stakeholders: the bold aspirants, and the global community of contributors. 


  • Open to anyone aged 18 and above, who are fluent in English as these are requirements for the ISS. 

  • Individuals filled with enthusiasm, curiosity, and a spirit of exploration. 



  • A resilient network of contributors, purchasing utility tokens to fund this project. 

  • Harnessing the collective financial power to fuel this democratizing journey and building the foundation for greater inclusivity in future projects. 

T o k e n   d y n a m i c s

  • Participation Echo:  Set at ~$2 USD, our tokens resonate with accessibility, ensuring a chorus of universal participation.

  • Patron’s Tribute:  Embarking beyond, patrons channeling $500 or more nurture a communal garden, flourishing with tokens for those dreaming beneath financial shadows. We understand and appreciate that $2 USD may be out of reach for many would be applicants and want to offer an opportunity for those looking to support their chance at equitable access. As appreciation for your contribution, we would like to offer:

  • Entry for an opportunity to join our team at the launch site party. A $10k value including travel and hotel accommodations for two.

  • Limited Edition Apparel, physical Astronaut Collective token, and more!


Our horizon is illuminated with a vision of space not as an isolated frontier but as a collective heritage. We foresee a burgeoning era where space, and the collective space economy, is a realm brimming with diverse representatives, each sharing their unique perspectives and stories, the first of many steps to universal camaraderie and exploration.


The Astronaut Collective is not merely a project but a proclamation of our collective spirit, an ode to our universal dreams, and a beacon illuminating the path towards a democratized and inclusive cosmos. Join us in redefining the boundaries of participation and in scripting a celestial saga that resonates with universal belonging and exploration.

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