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The #1 Global Community Shaping the Business of Space




S C R O L L   D O W N

Shape Your Future... In Space

Participate In the new frontier & get insights from space pioneers.



The new space age isn’t just about astronauts, scientists and interstellar travel; it's about you, our children and future generations. From advancements in daily technology to new job opportunities, space is part of every life. If you want to find or create opportunities, help keep corporations accountable for the sake of our planet. Joining Inter Astra gives you a stake in this evolving story.



Our founders are made up of astronauts, educators, business leaders, students and creatives all committed to inclusivity, tackling climate change and securing space for all. And… they also know what it’s like to be outsiders. Among us is Dr. Kathy Sullivan, veteran space walker and most vertical human on the planet. Charlie Bolden, Marine, Attack and Test Pilot, Astronaut and 12th Administrator of NASA.

We pledge to work tirelessly to ensure space is accessible, safe, and earth positive. A place where every voice is heard and opportunities are available to all.


The new era is well under way. From using your phone's GPS navigation, to forecasting the weather, ensuring global communication, and even enhancing medical procedures, space tech is silently at work. As we embark on a new space age, understanding and developing these interconnections is more crucial than ever. We need diverse leadership and workforce to shape a prosperous future for all.

Join our community, stay informed and shape our future.

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