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To date, Space exploration and industrial expansion has been largely government subsidized. The focus has predominately been on “legacy” Space – (1) Launch Vehicles, (2) Scaled Satellites, (3) Satellite Communication Technologies, and (4) Multi-planetary Exploration/Inhabitation.


The thought leadership behind Space exploration has been historically driven by a small collection of technologists and policy makers in siloed verticals, resulting in a limited scope of creativity and innovation for the new space economy. Inter Astra is looking to disrupt the fixed nature of Space exploration in the thought leadership sense, presenting new voices for Space doctrine and methodology.

Particularly given the increasing nexus between commercial and national security solutions, effective Space thought leadership demands that we consider global perspectives on how to maximize dual use technologies, while protecting diverse access to the new Space economy in a truly democratic way leveraging our international partners and guarding against malevolent entities.


The push to commercialize space has opened the domain to democratization and created unmet opportunity. There are varying levels of understanding of what “new” Space really is, with ad hoc and incongruent attention on the emerging new space economy. Namely, Space discourse and investment for areas such as tourism, entertainment/media, investment, insurance, healthcare, education, manufacturing, mining, and entrepreneurial endeavors have been inconsistent and parochial. There exists an opportunity to bring the contrasting and complementary visions together as New Space Economy Leaders. An opportunity is presenting itself here on earth, right now: a strategic and inclusive conversation merging expertise, experience, and credibility from disparate industries, ideas, and personalities.

The “new” space economy is loosely defined and nascent in development. The opportunity to participate in the burgeoning market of space is open and available like no other time in modern history. The private sector market is evolving to include previously underrepresented demographics, whose ability to create value is only just being acknowledged. The Bolden Group is uniquely positioned to create an environment to empower these “new participants,” introduce them to the influential participants, and define/shape the New Space Economy (NSE) as a medium for the advantage of all humanity.

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